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Oliver Stone Opens Up About His Drug Use


(420 Times) Movie director and screenwriter Oliver Stone has opened up about his drug use in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Calling marijuana “God’s gift,” Stone continued. “California makes the best in the world now. When I was a kid, it was Vietnamese, it was Thai, Jamaican for a while. All my life I’ve been doing it, off and on. I can stop marijuana. I can [go without it] for weeks and weeks. I’m not addicted, but I enjoy it. I also enjoy alcohol.”

American Cancer Society says marijuana use can lead to amputation


Seriously, American Cancer Society, you’re publishing this Reefer Madness on your “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” data sheet in medical marijuana?

Many researchers agree that marijuana contains known carcinogens, or chemicals that can cause cancer.

All researchers agree that water contains a known explosive, hydrogen, a volatile element that can ignite with as little as a static electricity spark.  That doesn’t mean water can cause explosions.  Chemistry matters.  Yes, cannabis smoke — all smoke — contains carcinogens.  But cannabis smoke also contains THC, which has been shown to have anti-tumoral effects and inhibits cancer cell growth through apoptosis (cell “suicide”).

Results of epidemiologic studies of marijuana and cancer risk have been inconsistent, and most recent epidemiologic studies have not found a substantial effect on cancer risk. However, some researchers caution that these studies are difficult to conduct, as some people may not be truthful about illegal habits such as smoking marijuana, and that these negative results should not be interpreted as convincing evidence of safety.

Uh… what?  We do studies that can’t distinguish an increased risk of cancer from pot smoking, but folks lie about pot, so we can’t trust the studies?  Well, that would mean the either the people who don’t get cancer are lying about smoking pot, or people who do get cancer are lying about not smoking pot.  The former doesn’t make much sense, so the author must assume there are a whole bunch of pot smokers in cancer wards who are lying about it and blaming it on something else.

Seems quite a stretch to me, especially when Dr. Tashkin studied thousands of pot smokers for 30 years, concluding “We hypothesized that there would be a positive association between marijuana use and lung cancer, and that the association would be more positive with heavier use.  What we found instead was no association at all, and even a suggestion of some protective effect.”

They caution that smoking marijuana may decrease reproductive function,…

Willie Nelson has seven kids.  Snoop Dogg has three kids.  Tommy Chong has five kids.  Bob Marley has eleven kids.  Just sayin’ those reproductive scares have been studied, too, and they’re bunk.

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Cannabis Advocates Concerned About DUI In Legalization Bill

A group of prominent marijuana activists in Washington state on Thursday signed a letter expressing concern about proposed THC blood limits that would codify driving under the influence (DUI) levels in the state.

“We applaud your willingness to stand up for the repeal of marijuana prohibition,” reads the letter, addressed to the sponsors of marijuana legalization initiative New Approach Washington. “However, we are very concerned about New Approach Washington’s proposal regarding Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis or DUIC.”

The initiative, I-502, would establish a THC blood limit of five nanograms per milliliter (5 ng/ml) in drivers 21 and over. That level is reduced to 0.00 for drivers under age 21.

“Initiative 502 creates a new law that makes it illegal to drive with 5 ng/ml of active THC in your bloodstream, even if you are not impaired,” the group Patients Against New Approach Washington says on its Facebook page. “That level is NOT supported by science and would subject patients to highly-invasive blood testing, unnecessary confinement and a criminal conviction that will haunt them for life. 

“What’s worse is the ZERO tolerance clause for those under age 21,” Patients Against NAW says. “Drivers in this age bracket will be guilty of DUI if even the smallest amount of cannabis is found in their system. Anything over 0.00 in fact. In other words, a designated driver subjected to second-hand cannabis smoke would be held criminally liable for the activities of others.”

If you substitute marijuana for tobacco and alcohol, you’ll add 8 to 24 years to your life.

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